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Frequently asked questions





Can I keep using the extension(s) after my subscription expires?

Yes! We do not restrict the usage of our extensions.  When you buy a subscription to our download service, you receive the right to install and use the corresponding extensions on supported Joomla! versions, forever. During the timespan of your subscription you can download the extension(s) and the corresponding updates and can request direct support from Universal Playground. When your subscription ends, your access to our download service for that extension and support will end. That said, you can keep using the extensions you have already downloaded.

Is the subscription with automatic renewal?

No, the subscription will not renew automatically. It ends when the membership duration expires. A month before your subscription expires you will receive a notification about the expiration of your subscription. You can renew your subscription manually before expiration with a substantial discount. More information about the discount below.


I would like to renew my subscription. Can I get a discount?

Yes! We have a discount program for our loyal customers. If you renew your subscription before your subscription ends, you are eligible to receive a 30% discount on the extension price. To receive your discount, login on our website using your account and buy a subscription. The payment system will automatically process your discount.


Do I receive instant access to the extension when I purchase a subscription?

Yes, your account and subscription will be immediately activated once your payment has been completed. To access our download section, please login to our website using the “My Account” button.


Do you have a money-back guarantee?

money back guarantee

Yes, we are confident about the quality of our extensions, hence you can take our extensions for a 30 day test drive. If you want to return an extension, please send us an email via the support form on this website and let us know the reason you are returning the extension and any other feedback that could help us improve our extensions and business. Also, please remove the extensions from the website and your harddrive. Refund requests are processed within 3 business days.


Do I get support with your extensions?

Yes! All subscriptions we offer come with support and updates for the corresponding extension(s). If you have questions or remarks, you can use the support form on our website. Our staff will get back to you shortly.


Are your extensions available in my language / can I translate them?

Yes, all our extensions use Joomla! ini language files, and can easily be translated to any language. You can create a ticket to ask us the current status of your language. If we do not have translation files for your language, you can translate them yourself. We would be very grateful if you share the translation files with us.


On how many websites can I install the extensions I have purchased a subscription for?

You can install the extensions you download on an unlimited amount of websites, even after your subscription has ended. There are no restrictions on the amount of websites the extensions are used on.

Are your extensions encrypted?

No, none of our extensions are encrypted. Just like Joomla! Our extensions are open source. Hence, you will receive full access to the extension and the corresponding code.

Can I make modifications to the extensions?

Yes, you can make modification(s) to our extensions to fit your purposes. Our extensions are not encoded.


What license do you use for your extensions?

Our extensions are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. This license allows you to install our extensions on an unlimited number of websites. Moreover the our extensions will continue to function after the expiration of your subscription. Note that some extensions come with 3rd party software and libraries that may be released under different licenses. Please consult the extensions'documentation for more information.

How can I register to your website for support, downloads or to purchase?

Registration to our website and services is automated. An account is created for you when you purchase an extension.


What are the system requirements for your extensions?

As our extensions use different system resources and external resources, the system requirements of our extensions vary. The requirements are listed for each extension seperately. Please consult the documentation of the extension of your choice to find out more.



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