Yes, that's right... It’s been a tough decision, but I decided to move away from Joomla extension development. It has been a great adventure to develop Joomla extensions and to see them being used by many happy customers. Developing extensions for Joomla has proven to be a great way to bringing ideas to life and a great outlet for creativity.

But the world has changed over the years though and so have we. The solitary nature of developing extensions together with the decline in Joomla usage over the last couple of years made me re-evaluate whether I would still have the drive to continue in this line of work for the coming years. The answer was clear: It has been a great experience and I will cherish the many positive responses we received from clients over the years, but it is time for something different, something more people oriented.

Why close down entirely?

You might wonder why close down entirely and why not keep the shop open or release the extension for free? While I do support the idea that people could still benefit from the work I put into the extension, with releasing extensions come expectations for support and updates and those are a time consuming activities. I currently want to focus completely on new career opportunities and that unfortunately does not match with the time required for further development and support of the extensions.

But I still have an active subscription…

For customers that have an active download and support subscription I will continue to offer support until the end of the subscription. The latest versions of the extensions also continue to be available for download. Note though, that subscriptions can no longer be renewed.

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